Writer. Teacher. Story-Sharer. Isaiah 41:9



Hi Friend.

I'm so glad you stopped by.  If you were at my place I'd make sure your cup was full of something warm and your plate filled with something sweet.  That's how I roll.

I'm a Midwestern "city" girl, if that's even a thing. My long-suffering husband and I raise our five boys (yes, you read that right) just outside Des Moines.  We live in the very best neighborhood, within a small town we adore, in a forgettable state and we are happy as clams here.

I went to school for English education, taught a bit around the world and ended up back in the heartland, birthing boys for a living.

I am a bookworm, a mountain-lover, and a passionate pursuer of deep relationships built over shared stories.

My own journey has been an interesting one, and I hope to share more of it on here.  Thanks for your lending your ears (and eyes!), it means the world to me.